Andrew Peterson of Signal Sciences

This episode I’m joined by Andrew Peterson, CEO and Co-founder of Signal Sciences an application security company building a nextgen WAF that is deployed throughout the Fortune 500. Before starting Signal Sciences, Andrew and his two co-founders built up scar tissue solving security problems at Etsy, a company known for pioneering many of the devops practices that are common today. This experience gave the unique insights and connections helped to shape their top-down go-to-market approach. This leads us to how embracing core EnterpriseReady features early on was critical to ensuring them seat at the table with the biggest enterprises from the start. We wrap up our discussion with Andrew’s tips on creating customer success through a strong Professional Services offering.

EnterpriseReady is hosted by Grant Miller, creator of EnterpriseReady and co-founder and CEO of Replicated, who are powering the worlds best enterprise software.

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