EP12 William Morgan of Buoyant

Welcome back to the EnterpriseReady podcast. Today we are talking with William Morgan, CEO, and Founder of Buoyant, a company that primarily focuses on contributing to the open-source ServiceMesh project, Linkerd. Linkerd was born out of William and his co-founder Oliver’s experience building infrastructure at Twitter, where they were responsible for reducing the frequency in which the infamous “Fail whale” surfaced. The opening portion of the episode gives us a unique look into how Twitter eventually scaled their platform with cloud-native technologies and how one of those patterns ultimately became the inspiration for Linkerd. We then go into the strategies of gaining adoption and viable business models for open-source based companies. We wrap up our conversation with a deeper look at the benefits of Linkerd, and how it’s function can provide value for any organization adopting a cloud-native approach to their architecture.

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