Welcome to the EnterpriseReady Podcast, a new show aiming to change the enterprise software narrative from how to sell to the enterprise, to how to build for the enterprise. This show will feature in-depth interviews with industry experts and enterprise software founders as we try to break through the jargon, establish a common vernacular and share the lessons learned from BUILDING the world’s best enterprise software.

EnterpriseReady is hosted by Grant Miller, creator of EnterpriseReady and co-founder and CEO of Replicated, who are powering the worlds best enterprise software.

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Ep. #1: Adam Jacob, Chef.io

Ep. #2: Tom Preston-Werner, Chatterbug & formerly Github

Ep. #3: Peter Reinhardt, Segment

Ep. #4: Alex Polvi, CoreOS

Ep. #5: Edith Harbaugh, LaunchDarkley

Ep. #6: Andrew Peterson, Signal Sciences

Ep. #7: Paul Querna, ScaleFT

Ep. #8: Dave Cole, Tenable

Ep. #9: Zach Blum, Fleetsmith

Ep. #10: Joel Wallenstrom, Wickr

Ep. #11: Bob Tinker, MobileIron

Ep. #12: William Morgan, Buoyant

Ep. #13: Rahul Vohra, Superhuman

Ep. #14: Michael Pryor, Trello

Ep. #15: Jeff Williams, Contrast Security

Ep. #16: Spence Green, Lilt

Ep. #17: Ben Hindman, Splash

Ep. #18: Elizabeth Zalman, strongDM

Ep. #19: Alex Miller, StackOverflow

Ep. #20: Mark Greene, Cloud Elements

Ep. #21: Yvonne Wassenaar , Puppet

Ep. #22: Michel Feaster, Usermind

Ep. #23: Derek Steer, Mode

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