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The assessment

At, we've identified common features that set enterprise software apart. This 12-question self-assessment gives you a framework to analyze your current implementation of those features and provides feedback on how to improve features that matter most to enterprise customers.

Benchmark your application on the 12 most common enterprise features

Team Management

Role-based Access Control

Audit Logging

Deployment Options

Single Sign-On

Product Assortment



Change Management




Get a comprehensive breakdown of your scores

Results give you an overall assessment of your enterprise readiness. See how your application stacks up against the features that are most important to enterprise customers. Receive instructions on how to level up the features that matter most.

Letter Grade

Receive an overall grade on where your application stands against all the enterprise-ready features.

Category Breakdown

Understand how you scored on each question and receive instructions on how to improve each feature.

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Share your full results privately with your team, or share your overall grade publicly with the world.

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