What is EnterpriseReady?

EnterpriseReady is a guide to creating or enhancing a SaaS product with common features that will enable more adoption by enterprise customers.

Who is it for?

EnterpriseReady was created for the people who build SaaS products, founders, product managers and engineering team leads.

Who is it from?

We run a company called Replicated that enables SaaS applications to create an enterprise installable version of their product to be distributed behind the firewall. We’ve built and sold a SaaS company previously. We work closely with many SaaS founders and teams. In order to be successful with the Replicated platform, SaaS companies generally need a baseline of features that enterprise customers want. We've led the charge on much of the content, but we've been lucky to have contributers like the teams at Segment and TIBCO Jaspersoft to contribute to areas where they're experts.

Why are we doing it?

We're product people. So, we're changing the enterprise software narrative from "how to SELL to the enterprise" to "how to BUILD for the enterprise." Hopefully this site can create a common vernacular for founders, product managers, engineers, sales and customers alike. We know we're not always right... so we open sourced this, you can fork it, create edits, share it with your team and even contribute those back.

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