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Created for people who build SaaS products (founders, product managers and engineering team leads) to change the enterprise software narrative from "how to SELL to the enterprise" to "how to BUILD for the enterprise". Based on study of the 50 leading SaaS application product packages, in-depth CIO interviews and feedback from countless SaaS founders.

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The folks over at Replicated have put together a monster “EnterpriseReady SaaS feature guide".

Hiten Shah, Founder @ Kissmetrics

If you're thinking about selling your SaaS product to enterprises, EnterpriseReady is the best place to start.

Tom Preston-Werner, Founder @ GitHub

How to build software for the enterprise. Great guide for startups.

Steve Blank, Lean Startup

EnterpriseReady SaaS guide... neat!

Michael Pryor, CEO @ Trello

In a world of dev libraries and style guides, here's a FEATURE guide to build for the #enterprise

Diana Zhouyou, Tobey @ Product Talkdesk

You're going to wanna bookmark this if you're doing or thinking about doing or could possibly do SaaS.

Alexis Ohanian, Co-founder @ Reddit

Great guide on making your SaaS enterprise ready

John Sheehan, Co-founder and CEO @ Runscope

11 feature reqs to make your SaaS product enterprise-ready: includes reasoning, next steps, tear downs.

Lawrence Hecht, Analyst @ The New Stack

Such a good resource if you're making software

Lee Munroe, Design @ Mesoshpere

Super helpful for B2B SaaS

Guy Podjarny, Founder @ Snyk

Valuable resource for SaaS vendors thinking about moving upmarket to enterprise.

Jim Andelman, Investor @ Rincon Venture Partners

Terrific guide to becoming "enterprise ready"

Alissa Briggs, Head of Design @ PlanGrid

Building for the enterprise? read the entirety of:

Larry Gadea, Founder @ Envoy

If you run a SaaS company and are trying to figure out enterprise start here:

Brad Gessler, CTO @ Poll Everywhere

Incredible resource for product teams at SaaS companies looking to move into the enterprise

Matthew Bellows, Founder @ Yesware

Super helpful

Jevon, Co-founder @ Manifold and GoInstant

This is much needed resource. Too many Saas companies fail at this.

Mehdi Oufkir, Founder @ Punchtab (ACQ: Walmart)

This is a great guide for making your SaaS product 'enterprise ready'

Vaibhav Nivargi, CTO @ Clearstory Data

Useful for those shifting upmarket > EnterpriseReady

Hana Abaza, Head of Marketing @ ShopifyPlus

Guides to Becoming EnterpriseReady

The following 11 feature categories were identified as the common enterprise differentiating features. Each feature guide includes context for why it is needed, a jumping off point for implementing your own and links to tear downs of example implementations.

Product Assortment

Offer different versions of a product to meet the differing needs of enterprise buyers.

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Single Sign On

Enable enterprises to manage users from a single, central directory.

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Audit Logs

Provide admins with a detailed trail of account activity.

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Role Based Access Control

Allow for the separation of privileges by user role.

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Change Management

Empower admins with tools and collateral to roll out features and product changes.

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Product Security

Demonstrable application security through best practices.

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Deployment Options

Balance data security concerns and application overhead with flexible deployment options.

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Team Management

Enable collaboration with coworkers in an account that is centrally managed.

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Create data portability by allowing customers to pull data out and push data into your application.

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Reporting & Analytics

Reports allow admins to demonstrate value gained from the use of an application.

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SLA and Support

A primer on the basics of enterprise SLA & support requirements.

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The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

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This show features in-depth interviews with industry experts and enterprise software founders as we try to break through the jargon, establish a common vernacular and share the lessons learned from BUILDING the world’s best enterprise software.

Project Background

Who it’s for

EnterpriseReady was created for the people who build SaaS products (founders, product managers and engineering team leads).

What it is

A guide to creating or enhancing a SaaS product with common features that will enable more adoption by enterprise customers.

Who it’s from

We run a company called Replicated that enables SaaS applications to create an enterprise installable version of their product to be distributed behind the firewall. We’ve built and sold a SaaS company previously. We work closely with many SaaS founders and teams. In order to be successful with the Replicated platform, SaaS companies generally need a baseline of features that enterprise customers want. We've led the charge on much of the content, but we've been lucky to have contributers like the teams at Segment and TIBCO Jaspersoft to contribute to areas where they're experts.

Why we're contributing it

We're product people. So, we're changing the enterprise software narrative from "how to SELL to the enterprise" to "how to BUILD for the enterprise." Hopefully this site can create a common vernacular for founders, product managers, engineers, sales and customers alike. We know we're not always right... so we open sourced this, you can fork it, create edits, share it with your team and even contribute those back.

Example Implementations by Leading SaaS Companies

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